Travel Enhances Self-Reliance

I am an African American woman living in South Brisbane Australia, a place where there is a serious lack of hair salons and stylists knowledgeable and capable of properly treating and styling ethnic hair.

To be honest with you, I could not find one salon I felt comfortable going to for hair service.

In the U.S., I am accustom to going to the hair salon to get my hair done whenever I want and however I want.

So what’s a girl to do?

First, I made the decision that I was going to relax my own hair. I would not allow fear to handicap me from accomplishing my goal.

Why would I be fearful you ask?

In the past, I attempted to relax the hair of a high school friend of mine, and… well, his hair eventually fell out.

And because of this incident, I vowed never to relax my own hair!

And I never did, until a week ago!

I nervously scoured the Internet looking for you-tube videos, which would teach me how to relax hair at home. There was one particular video I found to be very informative and helpful in giving thorough instructions. (Check out this link if you’re interested in relaxing your own hair).

‪FASTEST WAY TO RELAX/texlax your own hair with a lot of new growth!

I also found out that I could order the professional products used in hair salons online! is where I ordered my Affirm relaxer products with ease.


No problem.

I can’t believe that I thought those hair products were only sold to professionals! Ignorance is never bliss.

To make a long story short, I relaxed my hair and it came out great! I’m so proud of myself!

This experience made me think about how I would have never attempted to do my own hair if I wasn’t forced to do so.

Forced meaning, I had no other choice. I could either do my own hair, or spend the rest of my days in Australia looking crazy!

For a girl like me, the second choice was never an option.

Traveling and being out of my comfort zone has allowed me to tap into my capabilities and erase my fears in many ways.

I marvel at the thought of how much money I could have saved through the years if I’d had the courage to rely on myself for my hair needs.

Cash money!
Cash money!

I thank travel once again for teaching me how self-reliant I really can be.

Picture taken today. 8/18/15
Picture taken today.

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