5 Important Life Lessons

With age comes wisdom.

I’m far from being old, but if I knew these 5 lessons about life when I was younger, there’s no telling how successful I’d be right now.

So here are 5 important lessons I have learned about life.

  1. Follow your Passion


Throughout my school-aged years, I was told what to do and when to do it. I followed orders and didn’t pay attention to the activities and school subjects that made me happy and fed my soul.

Big Mistake.

Early on in life, pay attention to the things you’re good at. When people give you compliments on a particular skill or talent you have, pay attention. That’s a higher source directing you towards your purpose in life.

Embrace the people, places, foods, and activities, which give you energy and enjoyment. Your life will be a fun and exciting adventure if you start paying attention now to what feeds your soul.

  1. Cherish your loved ones

I’ve had the unfortunate experience of losing nearly all of the family members in my life who helped raise me. They have past on, and are no longer living.

I would give anything to have the opportunity to call my mother or grandmother today.

I would give anything for that opportunity!

People tend to put little importance on the people in their lives who matter the most.

“My mom is getting on my nerves, so I’ll call her tomorrow.”

“I don’t feel like arguing with my dad today, so I’ll talk to him when I feel like it”.

The problems you have with your loved ones can be fixed.

It’s not that serious.

If you love your family, tell them often. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Take it from someone who can count the number of living family members on their right hand.

  1. Fuck Fear
Barcelona Spain
Barcelona Spain

The number 1 deterrent to achieving success in life is fear.

Fear is the liar in your head telling you that you’re not good enough.

You’re not smart enough.

You’re too big, or too small, or too stupid, or whatever.

Fear is that bully that’s causing you to hold yourself down and prevents you from reaching your goals and your dreams.

I was shy and had a lot of anxiety around people growing up. I was always fearful of what people thought of me.

Thankfully, that is no longer my problem.

Think about it, for those of you who believe in Christ, people didn’t just up and follow him while he was here on earth.

People gave him hell, and then killed him!

No matter who you are, there will always be people out there that want to hurt you and see you fail.

The good news is there are always more people who want you to succeed.

Focus your attention and energy on those who support you in life. There will always be clueless haters out there standing on the sidelines pointing their fingers at those who choose to play an active role in the game of life.

Shift your focus.

Focus on your goals and dreams.

  1. Choose your Friends Wisely

There’s a popular saying that states, “You become who you surround yourself with”.

Being a shy and timid child, I wanted to be liked by everyone. If someone wanted to be my friend, I’d say “sure”.

Big Mistake.

There are plenty of adults who suffer from the same problem.

Take an active roll in choosing whom you surround yourself with.

Beware of frenemies, who are people that portray themselves as  friends when they are truly jealous of you and do not wish you well in life. Frenemies fear your progress in life and will do and say things to keep you from achieving your goals.

Surround yourself with people who push you to become a better person.

Hang out with people smarter than you.

Befriend people with goals.

Learn from those you admire.

5. Travel Young

Eiffel Tower, Paris.
Eiffel Tower, Paris.

You’ve only got one life to live, so before you have a boss to report to, a spouse to compromise with, children to feed and scold, endless bills to pay, and mortgages…. travel!

Why you ask?

Because travelling can be the best educator you’ve ever had.

My first trip to Paris changed my life! It gave me a glimpse into the life I wanted to have and the woman I wanted to become.

You’ll learn more about yourself and what you want out of life through travelling than you ever could by staying in that comfortable space you call home.

See the world. Meet people from different cultures. Eat the wonderful variety of foods the world has to offer.

I have yet to meet a person who regrets their past travel experiences.

I hope this advise has been helpful. What are some important lessons you’ve learned in your life?

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