5 Ways to Eat Healthy for Weight loss/Maintenance

When the subject matter of eating healthy or losing weight was  brought up in  past conversations I’ve had with friends and family over the years, one of the main questions asked was “what should I do now to get started ?”. I am on a weight loss journey myself. Before I move overseas in five weeks, I plan on losing 10 lbs. Whenever I’ve successfully lost weight in the past without feeling hungry or deprived of food, I consistently followed the 5 steps I’m about to share with you. I learned how to eat healthy while maintaining, and even losing weight from my travels overseas. The women around me were thin, trim, and in great shape. While sitting in cafes and restaurants in Europe, I studied how and what those women ate. I also had conversations with women from Europe who managed to maintained their small waistlines very well, and they all had certain eating habits in common. So here are 5 ways you can start eating healthy  right now to help lose or maintain your weight.

1. Drink a liter of water everyday.

Water is what we need to live. Replace drinking sodas and other sugary beverages with water and see what happens. Try it for a week, and you will see and feel a difference in your body. You will feel better, lose weight, and have an increase of energy and mind focus.

2. Cook with coconut oil (except with eggs)  


I use coconut oil on my skin, scalp, face, hair, and I cook with. This oil is a jack of all trades. You can read more about the wonderful benefits of coconut oil on http://wellnessmama.com/5734/101-uses-for-coconut-oil/.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables everyday.

For me, doing anything over and over becomes boresome. Challenge yourself to eat different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Be adventurous and expand your palate by seeking out fruits and vegetables you’ve never had before every time you shop.

4. Eat slow and without distractions. Time allows your mind to connect with your body so you know when you are full.

5. Eat foods that rot fast. That’s code for “eat real food”, not food full of preservatives and have a long shelf life.


Incorporating these 5 habits into my daily routine has aided me in losing excess pounds, and keeping them off. I hope these tips are helpful to you. What healthy eating habits do you incorporate into your life to lose or maintain your weight?

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